Roy Janechuti

Web Developer
Shopify Specialist


Shopify Store Setup

Building a new e-commerce storefront involves time and effort. I can help reduce your workload.


Moving from one platform to another can be challenging. Let me help you make it easy.

Theme Customization

Each client has unique problems. I would like to help solve your dilemmas with custom solutions.


Two Clothes is a fashion brand which uses Prestige, a Shopify premium theme. This online store sells modern apparel for men and women, grouped by seasonal fashion trends.

Key features include:

  • an intro animation with fade in and zoom in effects
  • an interactive photo picker
  • filtering options for availability, price, color, and size

Galaxy Box is an online store that sells a projector lamp, which lights up indoor rooms to recreate the outdoor night sky. Along with this product, the customer can purchase LED light strips from Amazon via an affiliate link.

Key features include:

  • stunning photo examples of the product in use from an Instagram feed
  • a data table to compare different variants of the products
  • a stylish product review section

Slate Coffee is an online store for various coffee brands around the world.

Key features include:

  • a blog section for store owners or authors to engage with the customers
  • a custom-built table to compare the different qualities between each brand
  • a custom-built testimonial section which presents a visually appealing slideshow of satisfied customers

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